Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stress and the Imagination

It's no secret that owning your own business is a stressful endeavor. Just getting a small business up and running is a slightly monumental task itself and keeping it running requires constant attention. It's no accident that small businesses are often referred to as the owner's "baby". It requires almost as much attention, and at least as much money. Just like parenting, there are good days and bad days, weeks that you wish could be repeated over and over and weeks that just won't end. I've noticed that the more stress I am under, the more my imagination runs off on me. The more work I have to do, the more time I seem to spend daydreaming about happier moments and places. My husband, naturally, works the opposite way. His rising stress only corresponds with an increasing sense of impending doom. A figment of his imagination to be sure and not a fun one. For all of you who stress like he does, and for those of you who just want a visual Quaalude to relax your day I've compiled a few places and things that instantly send my imagination off the deep end. When I'm wishing I could escape my current stress and worry, these are the places I wish I could escape to. To quote Liz Lemon, "I want to go to there".

Colmar, France


Greece? I'm guessing here, but it doesn't matter, it only exists in my imagination right now anyway.

Bruano, Italy.

Just for naptime. For dinner in my imagination, I'd like to eat here:

And I'd like to sleep here:

I feel better already...


Jen said...

Morgan! I've devoted a whole Pinterest board to this self-same topic http://pinterest.com/cheesebrarian/i-want-to-go-there/

Juniorrocker said...

And mine is here:

Tavarua, Fiji

Tabor Badger said...

Wow, those pictures were magic. If only I could spend one day in any of those places...