Thursday, October 9, 2008

Why Immortal Pie?

Why pie at all, right? A pie, by the way, is not just a thing to eat after turkey, a way to use up U-Pick berries, or (heaven forbid!) made with a crust from the freezer section. Sure, there's a bit of the comfort food/grandma connection, and many argue for its all-Americanness (though given the galette, tart, crostata, empanada and pasty that seems a bit of a stretch) but there's something else to it. Making a pie is a process, a journey if you will. Like all journeys it's never the same each time, a lot can depend on the weather, and there are infinite possibilities. I've always been a fan of the journey during times of turmoil and uncertainty. I've also been a fan during times of growth, exploration, and all around contentment. In that spirit I intend to use this blog as a witness to my journey through Pieland. Call it a pie Odyssey. No, that's too dramatic. Let's stick with Immortal Pie.

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